Religious Freedom Review aims to provide monthly updates on the major events occurring in the United States that have a bearing on religious freedom.

Guiding Principles

Fact-based. Links should point to stories and events, not opinion pieces.

Objectivity. Sources should be impartial and unaffiliated, as far as possible. For example, link to CBS’s coverage of a story rather than the Christian News Network’s or The Humanist’s.

Substance. Events should have an obvious and direct relationship to religious freedom / separation of church and state. Not every story about abortion or gay discrimination is an issue of religious freedom.

Scale. Prefer stories affecting state institutions or setting precedent in higher courts. Extremely localized events (e.g. accusations of discrimination in an elementary school) not in court should generally not be included.

Geography. Due to capacity constraints, events are limited to the US for now.

Special Cases

There is a large volume of court cases related to RLUIPA, about religious discrimination in local zoning laws and accommodations for prisoners’ religious beliefs. Only the most influential and significant of these cases are included in Religious Freedom Review.

Many bills are introduced in state legislatures each year related to religious freedom or the separation of church and state that make little progress. Due to high volume and the low threshold for introducing a bill, these pieces of legislation are usually included only once they have passed both chambers of the legislature.


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