Dec 23: Fight over fetal tissue, GOP officials try to oust one of their own for being Muslim, and more

Executive & Legislative Branches

The Trump administration shut down research using human fetal tissue implanted into mice to search for a cure to HIV. The House also held hearings to contend that fetal tissue is unnecessary for research to proceed.

The Atlantic discussed the role that evangelical supporters of Donald Trump played in pushing for criminal justice reform legislation.

Foreign Policy looked at how both far-right groups in the US and the Arab Gulf media have focused on incoming Muslim congresswomen in their commentary, accusing them of links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Judicial Branch

A federal court ruled against a Catholic congregation along the US-Mexico border that attempted to bar federal surveyors from surveying their land for a border wall.


The Texas Republican party is in an internal dispute over whether to remove a party official from his post because he is Muslim.

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled against the Hopi Tribe’s complaint that a ski resort was damaging sacred mountains by using treated wastewater to generate fake snow.

The Montana Supreme Court struck down a tax credit for scholarships because it allowed state funds to go to religious schools, which is not allowed under the state constitution.

New York stepped up its investigation of yeshivas, traditional Jewish schools that activists say teach almost no basic knowledge and leave some students illiterate.

The former mayor of Salt Lake City sued to overturn a bill the Utah legislature just passed on medical marijuana, arguing that it abridged the rights of voters to appease The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

The Illinois state house put up displays celebrating Christmas and Hanukkaha, and a Satanic display entitled “Snaketivity.”

Other reads

Faith leaders and advocates discussed what they expect during 2019 for religious freedom and the separation of church and state.