28 Oct: DOJ investigates Catholic church, contraceptive mandate rollback, and more

Executive Branch

The Department of Justice and several states have launched investigations into sexual abuse committed by Catholic priests, subpoenaing church documents.

The Washington Post reported that the Trump administration plans to roll back the ACA contraceptive coverage requirement for employers and insurance companies.

Religion News Service reported that ICE detainees have limited or no access to clergy.

Legislative Branch

Congress passed legislation broadening the scope of federal penal codes against threatening or performing vandalism to include religious property.

Judicial Branch

An activist arrested while helping immigrants crossing the border illegally appealed to religious freedom as his defense, arguing that his faith requires him to help those in dire need, including immigrants.


A Catholic pharmacist in Michigan refused to fill a prescription for medication that can be used to abort a pregnancy. The ACLU filed a complaint.

The Shreveport, Louisiana, police department announced that it will no longer host prayer vigils after complaints by activist groups advocating for the separation of church and state.

A Houston judge denied a suit to stop a drag queen story hour at a public library on the grounds of promoting secular humanistic religion.

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