Sept 16: Kavanaugh hearings, discrimination lawsuit at Amazon and more

Judicial Branch

The Kavanaugh confirmation hearings continued, with a number of sections focused on religion and the law. The Baptist Joint Committee on Religious Liberty compiled the key clips from CSPAN.

A federal judge ruled that a Syrian Muslim man’s case against Amazon for discrimination may proceed, indicating that evidence of a workplace that encourages criticism might have fostered discrimination.

Other reads

The Conversation gave a historical explanation of how the evolution and origin of Catholic church canon law make it difficult to hold priests accountable for sex abuse.

A new poll from AP showed that voters may be open to voting for irreligious presidential candidates.

Sept 9: Donald Trump asks for evangelical support and is charged with breaking the law

Executive Branch

Donald Trump asked evangelical leaders to get evangelicals out to vote in a closed-door meeting at the White House. He emphasized that the Johnson Amendment, which strips churches of their tax-exempt status for endorsing candidates, is not being enforced under his administration.

An advocacy group for the separation of church and state charged the Trump Administration with violating the Federal Advisory Committee Act by giving evangelicals privileged access to the president through the evangelical advisory board.

Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court declined to take the case of a Catholic foster care agency in Philadelphia that was barred from taking new applicants to its program because it does not accept same-sex couples as foster parents. The lower court’s ruling against the agency stands.


Ball State University in Indiana settled a lawsuit with a pro-life student organization that had been denied funding.

A student at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College sued the school for violating her right to free speech after she was stopped from handing out Valentine’s cards with Bible verses on them.

A construction worker sued his former employer for wrongful termination after he refused to participate in mandatory Bible study sessions.

Other reads

The Guardian listed the recent movies featuring sinister fundamentalist churches, including Lady Bird, First Reformed, and The Miseducation of Cameron Post.