Aug 12: Religious exemptions for discrimination, student group sues U of Iowa, and more

Executive Branch

The Labor Department announced a new directive designed to provide exemptions to religious organizations that violate non-discrimination policies for federal contractors.


Connecticut’s Supreme Court ruled that private religious institutions don’t have immunity from discrimination lawsuits and claims against them must be heard by the state’s Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.

Another student group sued the University of Iowa over policies that deregistered over 40 groups. At issue is if religious organizations can limit leadership positions to students who are of that religion, or profess certain beliefs.


Parents of a 10-month-old who died were charged with murder after not seeking medical treatment for her for religious reasons.

Education Week published a study on hate speech in schools, documenting incidents and the schools’ responses.

Other reads

Across almost every demographic in the past year, Americans became more sympathetic to owners of wedding service businesses who decline to work with a same-sex couple.

Familial religiosity was found to correlate with lower suicide rates for children.

Pew examined the reasons people give for being religiously unaffiliated, or “nones.”