Jul 22: Russian spy attended National Prayer Breakfast, Trump tweets correlated with hate crimes, and more

Executive Branch

Courts unsealed a Justice Department filing accusing a Russian national of being a foreign agent and using, among other things, relationships with Christian Republicans and the National Prayer Breakfast to influence American leaders.

New research found correlations between tweets by Donald Trump about Islam and subsequent spikes in anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Legislative Branch

The House passed a provision preventing the IRS from penalizing churches that endorse political candidates. The provision is in a budget bill funding the IRS for the year.

The AP documented that there are more Muslim candidates for office than ever before, and they face some backlash.

Judicial Branch

A federal judge ruled against Catholic Social Services in finding that Philadelphia was not discriminating on the basis of religion when requiring foster care agencies to follow its nondiscrimination policies regarding prospective parents. CSS does not place children with same-sex couples.


A judge ruled Baptist college in Louisiana was racially discriminating when it denied a position to a man because of his Jewish ancestry.