Jun 3: Irreligious Americans are more religious than religious Europeans, and more

Executive Branch

The new executive secretary and chief of staff at the National Security Council worked on think tank reports warning of a global jihad movement run by “shariah-adherent” Muslims, and arguing that their citizenship should be revoked.

Judicial Branch

A federal court upheld the constitutionality of a law that prohibits obstruction of access to houses of worship.


The New York Times covered Franklin Graham’s campaign to turn California to a red state by mobilizing evangelical voters.

A Kentucky judge invalidated a settlement between the state and plaintiffs that would have required the government to monitor faith-based foster homes. Without the settlement, the lawsuit over the constitutionality of Kentucky contracting with religious childcare organizations will continue.


The Atlantic published a profile of Gregory Stevens, a young pastor who drew controversy for his sharp criticisms of Silicon Valley inequality and Palo Alto city policies.

Other reads

New research indicated that religiously unaffiliated Americans may be more religious than many Christian Europeans. It included additional data on religiosity in the US and Europe.

An LA Times op-ed argued that although the number of evangelicals may be eclipsed by religiously unaffiliated people, their cohesion and institutional structures give them outsized political influence.