Jun 17: New Justice Department initiative, Sessions quotes Bible on immigration, and more

Executive Branch

The Justice Department announced a new initiative to protect religious institutions from discrimination in city zoning. It will work to enforce the 2000 RLUIPA law on religious land use.

The first complaint under the initiative was brought this week, against a New Jersey town that allegedly designed zoning rules to hamper Orthodox Jews’ religious observance.

Religious commenters and the media had much to say about Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ use of Romans 13 to justify Trump administration immigration policies that separate parents and children at the border.

Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court declined to take a case adjudicating a property dispute between the Episcopal Church and a conservative breakaway group over properties worth $500 million. It left the last ruling in place, which found in favor of the parent church.

A Florida city and county were sued in federal court over their bans of gay conversion therapy. The plaintiffs argue that the statutes violate ministers’ religious freedom to counsel church members.

A federal judge ruled against Northwest tribal members who sued the government for destroying sacred grounds during a highway expansion.


The Deseret News compiled a list of 139 bills in state legislatures that affect religious freedom. It misses much of the legislation on my own list, but has solid coverage of particular topics.

An Arizona court cited the Masterpiece Cakeshop ruling in its decision upholding a city ordinance that bars a Christian calligraphy business from refusing service to gay customers. Reporting on the story was all partial, either for the ruling or against it.

A court in Florida ruled that a priest does not have to give testimony on statements made to him during confession, even if the confessee wants him to. The ruling was based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and contradicted Florida Evidence Code.


14 Muslim women filed suit against the Newark airport after being detained and searched. Most of the women were unrelated, but were wearing headscarves.

Other reads

Pew survey data showed that the gap between the religiosity of generations is growing – in almost every country, younger people are less religious than older people.

The Washington Post described how the phrase “Under God” was inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance.