Jun 10: Baker wins at Supreme Court, Trump holds iftar, and more

Judicial Branch

The Supreme Court made a narrow ruling in favor of a Colorado baker who declined to bake a custom wedding cake for a gay couple due to his Christian beliefs. The court found that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission that penalized the baker originally were prejudiced against him, but the opinions did not take a stance on issues of free speech or freedom of religion.

A federal court ruled that the “In God We Trust” motto on US currency does not violate the establishment clause by forcing users to espouse religious ideals they don’t believe in.

Executive Branch

Donald Trump hosted an iftar dinner in honor of Ramadan, a customary presidential event that was skipped last year.


North Carolina passed legislation requiring public schools to display the national motto, “In God We Trust.”

An Arizona appeals court upheld an anti-discrimination law in Phoenix that makes it illegal for same-sex couples to be refused service on the basis of religion.

Religious leaders took opposing stands on marijuana legalization in Oklahoma.

The first Muslim congressional representative filed to run for Attorney General in Minnesota so that he can challenge Trump administration policies.


A high school teacher in Indiana was fired after refusing to use transgender students’ preferred gender pronouns, which he said violated his religious beliefs.

A Virginia health worker filed suit after being fired for not removing her hijab, which her manager said was a safety risk for being grabbed.

Other reads

The New York Times ran an opinion piece on the future of sex and gender on Christian college campuses.

The New York Times examined the experience of Muslim-American gun owners in depth.