May 27: Muslim immigrants denied waivers, congressman endorses housing discrimination, and more

Executive Branch

The Washington Post investigated potential Muslim immigrants who have been denied waivers to the travel ban.

Legislative Branch

A Republican congressman running for reelection in California faced criticism after telling a realtor’s association that Christians have the right to not sell their homes to same-sex couples.

Paul Ryan and Sam Brownback, among others, spoke at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast this week.


Louisiana passed a bill on school prayer that was a less significant version than the original legislation. The final language merely allows teachers to bow their heads during student-led prayer.


Santa Fe, Texas, has responded to the school shooting there with increased displays of religiosity. The school lost a Texas Supreme Court case decades ago that restricted prayers at school facilities.

The New York Times reported on custody decisions when one parent leaves Orthodox Judaism and no longer follows the faith’s behavior code when with their children.

Other reads

The sons of Unification Church founder Sun Myung Moon have connected the religion to the second amendment, with doctrine now saying every member should own an AR-15.

Provocative number-crunching indicated that across almost every stratum, frequent church attendees more were more likely to vote for Donald Trump.