May 13: UVA stopped public Bible reading, ritual design, and more


Oklahoma passed legislation covering places of worship as part of a “stand your ground” law that allows deadly force to be used against violent intruders.

Higher Education

A University of Virginia called the police on an alumnus who deliberately violated the school’s rules on protected speech by reading the bible aloud on campus. UVA designed new rules limiting speech and gatherings by unaffiliated persons after the white nationalist rallies there last year.

A survey of student newspaper editors at Christian Colleges shows a high level of control by administrations over what is printed. 70% reported that their advisor could prevent a story from being printed.

UCLA’s ROTC was criticized for training exercises where cadets were pitted against enemy fighters wearing traditionally Muslim clothing.

Community ran an in-depth, balanced article about a legal conflict between Cleveland Clinic doctors who want to treat a 14-year-old for brain cancer and her parents, who religiously identify as Moors and only use natural remedies for healing.

Other reads

The Atlantic covered the growing movement of ritual design, which is mostly secular but has spillover in religious arenas. The Stanford Ritual Design Lab has several ongoing projects, one of which is to create public spaces for prayer.