Mar 25: Politicians and morality, neo-Nazi Republican candidate, and more

Executive Branch

A Washington Post Op-Ed argues that Donald Trump deserves the loyal support he’s gotten from Christian evangelicals.

Legislative Branch

A Holocaust denier with ties to neo-Nazis won the congressional Republican nomination in an Illinois district after running unopposed. Rather than funding his campaign, the Illinois Republican party will be providing money to an independent candidate.

Judicial Branch

The 7th Circuit ruled that changes to a high school nativity made it compliant with the Constitution.

50 States

Alabama passed a state constitutional amendment to allow the Ten Commandments to be displayed on public buildings. Voters will decide whether to ratify it in November.

Other reads

A new YouGov poll finds that more Democrats than Republicans say that they wouldn’t vote for candidates who had cheated on their spouses – the exact inverse of the poll when the Monica Lewinsky scandal occurred.