Mar 11: Transsexual civil rights protection overrides religious claims, violent Buddhists, and more

Judicial Branch

The Sixth Circuit ruled in favor of a transgender woman who was fired by a funeral home after transitioning. They held that the action violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, while the funeral home lost its argument that the termination was justified by religious freedom.

Executive Branch

The Justice Department took the case of a woman denied a religious exemption for a work-mandated flu shot. Her employer required written affidavit from clergy, and she did not belong to a specific church or congregation.

50 States

The ACLU and Council on American-Islamic Relations complained that a series of police trainings in Georgia about extremism are anti-Islamic and portray the religion as inherently violent.


A Mennonite woman continued her refusal to give testimony in a court case that could result in capital punishment. She is in jail for contempt of court while she appeals to the Colorado Supreme Court.

New York City settled with three Muslim women who were forced to remove their hijabs for mugshots.

Other reads

With Buddhist riots causing a state of emergency in Sri Lanka this week, and the ongoing genocide of the Muslim Rohingya in Buddhist-majority Myanmar, a New York Times op-ed proposes answers to a question that’s been on my mind: why are we surprised when Buddhists are violent?