Feb 18: #MeToo, Mormonism and the White House, travel ban loses in federal court, and more

Executive Branch

The reports of White House aide Rob Porter’s domestic abuse have prompted soul searching in the Mormon community. Both of Porter’s ex-wives sought counsel from their lay ministers in the faith and received little support, being told to consider their husband’s career before making any accusations. Other women have come forward with similar stories.

Judicial Branch

The 4th Circuit ruled that the travel ban is unconstitutional because Trump’s past statements indicate it is targeting Muslims.

50 States

An Ohio court transferred custody of a teenager from the parents to the grandparents after the parents refused to allow their child, who is transgender, to seek hormone therapy because of their religious beliefs.


The convictions of three people in Florida for a 2015 murder were overturned because a judge had unfairly prevented a Jehovah’s Witness from serving on the jury. The cases will have to be reheard.

Other reads

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