Jan 7: Churches get FEMA funding, Christian refugees replace Muslims, and more

Executive Branch

The Trump Administration released new rules on FEMA funding to allow churches to receive government assistance.

The Trump administration has admitted Christian refugees at a 6-to-1 ratio over Muslims, a dramatic switch from historical statistics.

Judicial Branch

A federal court ruled that a clergyman’s loss of retirement benefits was an ecclesiastical matter that could not be interfered with by the courts.

50 States

Louisiana’s Attorney General published guidelines for students on religious expression in schools. They state that students have full freedom of expression, and must take the lead in religious activities because school employees may not promote religion.

A New York college canceled its trip to play baseball against a Mississippi college pursuant to a 2016 gubernatorial executive order. The order bans all non-essential state travel to Mississippi as a consequence of its religious freedom law that allows businesses to decline service based on religious beliefs.

California grappled with how to approach the growth of churches that incorporate marijuana in their services.

Other reads

Pew Research indicated that the US Muslim population is growing, and will double by 2050 to reach 2% of the national population.

USC’s Religion Dispatches interviewed a historian about the origins of religious freedom in the United States.