Jan 21: New HHS office for religious health worker complaints, and more

Executive Branch

The Trump administration announced expanded protections for health care workers objecting to perform procedures on the basis of religious beliefs. The Department of Health and Human Services created a new division to investigate complaints.

Applicable scenarios presented by both critics and proponents include pharmacists not filling contraceptive prescriptions, and surgeons not performing gender reassignment surgery.

A Trump-appointed administration official resigned from his position after CNN released 2013 audio of him making inflammatory comments about women and minority groups, including Muslims.

Legislative Branch

Members of Trump’s unofficial evangelical advisory council lent their support to extending the program allowing “Dreamers,” young undocumented immigrants who arrived in the US as children, to stay in the country.

Judicial Branch

A group of Muslims filed a discrimination lawsuit against the FBI after being placed on a terrorist watch list.


New research indicated that the Trump travel ban has led to more positive views of Muslims.

Other reads

Many religious organizations support net neutrality and petitioned against the FCC’s new rules last month. The Deseret News examined why.