Dec 24: Christmas Facts, Cardinal Bernard Law Dies


Pew Research published five interesting statistical facts about Christmas in America. Included were that 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas, and 66% believe that Jesus was born from a virgin (down from 73% in 2014).


Cardinal Bernard Law died this week. He gained notoriety for covering up sexual abuse by priests in the Boston area, and for being subsequently promoted. Despite continued scandals, the structure of the church makes solutions challenging.

Judicial Branch

A federal court ruled against a religious discrimination lawsuit by a former fire chief in Atlanta. He was fired after publishing a religious book that said people in same-sex relationships are “vile.” He distributed the book at work.


Bishop William Barber and the Kairos Center at the Union Theological Seminary announced a partnership to revive Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Poor People’s Campaign. They plan to work through grassroots movements, especially with religious groups.

Other Reads

An LGBT rights think tank and Columbia Law School released a report about the challenges faced by LGBT seniors in seeking retirement care when most care facilities are religiously affiliated.

The Guardian profiled Nora Nash, a nun who uses her order’s stock ownership to push companies to act more socially responsibly.